To help launch our fundraiser, Putting for Parkinson’s is partnering with the Fort Thomas Provides, an established non-profit founded to help groups just like ours succeed. Our goal is to not only raise research funds, but to also raise awareness of the need and potential to help those living with Parkinson’s

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Putting for Parkinson’s
PO Box 333
Fort Thomas, KY 41075

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Putting for Parkinson’s

PO Box 333
Ft Thomas, KY 41075.

Auction Committee

Joy Layman
331 North Ft. Thomas Ave.
Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Golf Outing Committee

Shawn Hopper
Kim Kelsay
Joy Layman
Scott Layman
Tony Manyet
Lori Selm
John Webster
Pete Van Curen
Joni Vest

Golf “Takeaway” and
Prize Coordinator
Pete Van Curen